Activities that You Can Do In Springfield, Missouri

It is fairly easy to find scenic attractions and beautiful tourists spots when trying to do your travel lists with your friends. Down below are some of the highlights that you can actually see with your friends and enjoy when you try to come to Springfield Missouri. Learn more about travel, go here. 

The Dickerson Park Zoo for animal lovers

Not only is this a good tourist spot to visit to, but they actually have really affordable prices for items they sell in the zoo, and the park is also one of the few great places to spend your day at. There is also another zoo called the Outback Coral petting zoo that basically has in them some cute domestic animals and also interesting exotic ones that are very much protected by those who maintain the zoo. You are also allowed to have the giraffes in the zoo be fed by you, and ride those trains or have some shopping at their many stalls, as well as in their trading company gift shops to look for items to bring back home.

What to do with friends in Springfield Missouri

In this place, you are able to have a ton of fun and also learn new things. There are some dinosaur dig exhibits for you to be able to know more about these animals, some exhibits that inform people more about the human body, and exploratory lab, and many other places wherein you can have fun and enjoy interesting moments like no other with your friends.

There are also a ton of caverns that are good and interesting.

These caverns are actually also really fun, and they have been boasted by many as the country's only ride through those caves. The caverns are actually family owned businesses aiming to make people entertained as well as be interested with what they get to see through them. Take a look at this link for more information.

There is also this museum that show the Titanic ship attraction.

In this place, you can also find the largest Titanic museum there is all over the world, and this can be a good place for those who want to know more about history in the most interesting way. The good thing about this museum is that it has been built to look like the Titanic itself, and the museum basically has two stories. The museum also has some artifacts that were discovered from the actual ship, making the whole experience surreal, interesting, and fun.